Compost Trays for Mixing & Potting in Your Greenhouse

The fresh and earthy aromas of a good potting compost bring delight to any gardener’s nose. Feeling the good, dark soil crumble in your hands is incredibly satisfying too.

Having a space to sort, mix and pot your various soils for your planting plan is essential, so it’s a good idea to consider a compost tray in which to do the job.

Greenhouse Work Zones

A quality compost potting tray is a godsend in any greenhouse space, keeping things contained. Even the most disciplined gardener can sometimes get carried away, and plants are quite capable of rioting on their own.

Potting can be an untidy business, so keeping the work area zoned away from a growing area will help maintain order, for a while at least.

Set up your potting and mixing close to the door for ease of access, bringing in pots and plants, delivering bags of compost, or wheelbarrows full of business.

Why Use a Compost Tray?

You can mix up and pot whatever you like on a countertop, workbench, or shelf, but a good potting shed compost tray will help keep the mess all in one place!

The Copagrey compost potting tray is an elegant compost mixing solution to your greenhouse organization needs. With its front lip and pot shelf it will help keep the soil contained and give you a spot to pop your pots once they are ready for placement.

The shelf is removable to maximise the working space if required, letting you use the full depth of the tray.

Soil spills can build up quickly and can be exploited by those bugs that appreciate a warm spot with great access to a good food source.

Our Top Reasons for Kitting out Your Greenhouse with a Compost Tray

  • Keeps a mess under control when compost potting, repotting or planting
  • Use a tray to move your recently potted plants without spilling compost
  • Protection for shelves, workbenches and other surfaces
  • Makes for better organization, and can be used to better display plants
  • Use a compost tray to manage watering, excess water will collect in the tray
  • A tray can be a great way to manage off-season storage and keep a greenhouse tidy
  • The flexibility and portability of a tray make it an essential gardening tool
  • Use a tray to chop up excess plant material before putting it in the compost bin
  • The removable shelf is an ideal spot to keep pens, seed packs, small tools, or even a cup of tea

Plastic, Wood or Stainless Steel?

At Copagrey, we are always going to go for quality and materials that are proven to stand the test of time. For us, stainless steel is streets ahead of even the best quality plastic alternatives.

Our stainless-steel compost potting tray is robust, easy to clean and won’t deteriorate in sunlight. It can’t stain and is impervious to most rough handling.

Plastic Problems

Plastic may win on price, but with seasonal damage, even with uPVC stabilised products, there is no comparison with the level of quality as standard that comes with steel.

Our sturdy, light gauge stainless steel is only a little heavier than the best-grade plastic compost potting trays, and most gardeners won’t be able to feel the difference.

Wood Worries

Timber trays are going to be the heaviest of the lot, and least portable. Cedar may look and feel nice, but it will be vulnerable to water damage over time and is a similar price to steel without the other advantages.

Wood frame trays usually have a plywood base and no front lip, which makes retaining soil harder, rot more likely, and cleaning less straightforward.

Real Steel

As the seasons go by and winter freezes give way to summer heat, our stainless-steel compost mixing tray won’t complain. See how our compost potting tray can enhance your greenhouse or potting shed plans.

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