Sneeboer Weeding Fork 2t – Cherry Handle


Unearth the Sneeboer Weeding Fork, a must-have tool for your garden. Its dual, razor-sharp teeth effortlessly delve into the earth, gently detaching weeds at the root. With precision, it eliminates weeds while safeguarding the neighbouring plants’ delicate roots.


This Sneeboer Weeding Fork is your trusted companion for tackling deep-seated weeds in densely populated garden beds. Moreover, it performs admirably in soil aeration and fertilizer blending. The ergonomic design of the weeding fork ensures minimal wrist strain, making it a comfortable choice for ground-level work, providing optimal visibility precision. Available in a beautiful cherry wood handle.


  • Width of the head – 4cm
  • Length of the head -16cm
  • Total length – 31cm
  • Length of the stem – 14cm
  • Amount of teeth – 2
  • Length of the teeth – 15 cm
  • Distance between the teeth – 2.5cm
  • Material stem – Cherry wood


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