Sneeboer Garden Rake 8t


Elevate your gardening game with the beautiful Sneeboer Garden Rake, your go-to tool for achieving that perfect seedbed level, gathering materials, and gently crumbly soil.


The Sneeboer Garden Rake with its meticulous design ensures optimal aeration and a seamless blend with your compost. The eight expertly forged teeth feature a subtle inward curve, enabling a smooth push-and-pull motion. The Sneeboer Garden Rake is the ultimate garden tidying companion. Each rake comes furnished with a sturdy ash handle.

When you invest in a Sneeboer rake, you’re investing in a lifetime of exceptional performance with regular care and use. Experience the quality that lasts for generations.


  • Width of the head – 30cm
  • Length of the head – 21cm
  • Total length – 167 cm
  • Length of the stem – 155cm
  • Amount of teeth – 8
  • Material stem – Ash wood


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