Sneeboer Leaf Rake 20t


Discover the versatility of the Sneeboer Leaf Rake, offered with an impressive supple and slender 20 tines, available with an ash handle.


The Sneeboer Leaf Rake boasts a formidable array of 20 supple and slender tines, crafted from a unique stainless steel alloy. These teeth, moulded through a cold production process, are designed to offer both flexibility and durability. The lightweight design of this rake ensures effortless leaf, moss, and residue clearing. Each rake is thoughtfully furnished with an ash handle for your convenience.


  • Width of the head – 37cm
  • Length of the head – 27.5cm
  • Total length – 165cm
  • Length of the stem – 137cm
  • Amount of teeth – 20
  • Length of the teeth – 25cm
  • Distance between the teeth – 2cm
  • Material stem – Ash wood
  • Net weight – 0.8kg


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