Sneeboer Hand Digging Fork 3t


The Sneeboer Hand Digging Fork is your go-to solution for weed removal and delicate plant extractions, all while safeguarding the intricate root systems. The Sneeboer Weeding Fork 3t is available in a beautiful Cherry Wood Handle


The Sneeboer Hand Digging Fork is available with 3 tines. The robust tines tackle various soil types, excelling in both digging and cultivating. This hand harvesting fork boasts a resilient design, offering stability and ensuring minimal strain on your wrist.

The Sneeboer Hand Digging Fork is an upgraded, sturdier counterpart designed to conquer even the toughest and most compact soil types. It’s your trusted partner for transplanting crops while preserving their roots intact. Available with a cherry wood handle, extending to a comfortable 22cm, for a premium gardening experience.


  • Width of the head – 8cm
  • Length of the head – 11.5cm
  • Total length – 35.5cm
  • Length of the stem – 22cm
  • Amount of teeth – 3
  • Material stem – Cherry wood


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