Sneeboer Hand Cultivator 3t – Cherry Handle


Elevate your gardening experience with the Sneeboer Hand Cultivator, featuring three gracefully curved tines, specially designed to gently aerate and loosen the soil.


The Sneeboer Hand Cultivator essential tool maximizes the absorption of air, light, and water into the earth. Thanks to its ingenious tine design, the Sneeboer Hand Cultivator effortlessly penetrates deep into the soil, ensuring an effortless, smooth pull through the earth.

This versatile hand cultivator excels in various garden tasks, from tackling taproot weeds to enhancing soil aeration and expertly mixing compost and other fertilizers. It’s well-suited for all soil types. As you pull, you separate and improve soil aeration, and as you push, you effortlessly crumble the loosened soil, creating the ideal garden bed. The Sneeboer Hand Cultivator features a meticulously crafted cherry wood handle, adding a touch of elegance to your gardening experience.


  • Width of the head – 7cm
  • Length of the head – 9cm
  • Total length – 29cm
  • Length of the stem – 14 cm
  • Amount of teeth – 3
  • Material stem – Cherry wood


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