Sneeboer Children’s Toolbox


Children’s Toolbox


Like father, like son and like mother, like daughter. Kids love to mimic their parents when they see their parents having fun in what they are doing. The same goes with working in the garden. Since your children, like their parents, do not want weak or breaking tools, Sneeboer developed a special line of garden tools. These garden tools for children are made with the same methods and quality standards as the Sneeboer tools you all know and love. These tools are meant for children of six years or older with which they can help in the garden with parental supervision.

The Sneeboer children’s toolbox is the perfect gift for kids over the age of six years. The small fork and strong hand trowel are lightweight and mated to a small handle made from ash wood to fit smaller hands. We refer to this set as the circle gift as the tools in this set can be used by children but also by elderly gardener who praise these tools for their light weight.




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