Sneeboer Cultivator 3 Tines


Cultivator 3 Tines


The Sneeboer cultivator’s unique tine angle enables it to navigate through the earth with remarkable ease, much like a plough, with tines expanding wider towards the bottom. The Sneeboer Cultivator is a versatile addition to your garden toolkit, excelling in the art of weeding taproot invaders, enhancing soil aeration, and effortlessly mixing compost or other fertilizers. Its effectiveness spans across all soil types. As you pull, you separate the soil, improving aeration, and as you push, you crumble the loosened earth.

Complete with a 155cm ash wood handle, the Sneeboer Cultivator is a premium gardening companion.


  • Width of the head – 10.5cm
  • Length of the head – 16cm
  • Total length – 172cm
  • Length of the stem – 155cm
  • Amount of teeth – 3
  • Material stem – Ash wood


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